BATA Safety Shoes PU Insole

Additional Info

  • Product Model: ASFQ-2170#
  • Product Material: PU / BK Mesh
  • Product Sizes: 3# - 13#
  • Product Details:

    Bata logo was imprinted at the heel of the insole,

    holes punched at the forefoot, with the air chanel at the bottome, can increase the breathability

    superior mesh, breathable and sweat absorbing,

    forefoot 3mm, heel 5mm thickness.

  • Product Feature:

    soft and comfortable, distribute foot pressure, reduce tiredness,

    breathable, sweat absorption, keep foot dry whole day long,

    fit for working insoles, sporting insole, casual shoes insoles,

    less uncomfort and pains, can be stiched with anti static line to make for anti static shoes insoles

  • Product Package:

    simple packaging style, 10 pairs per poly bag, 100 pairs per caton, make it convenient for shoes factory assembleing and reduce packaging cost.

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