Heat Transfer

Press the transfer paper on top of the insole product by heat transfer machine with certain degree, the pattern or logo will be transferred from paper to product.
Advantage: high efficiency, easy operation and lowest cost.
Limitation: appearance looks ordinary by contrast with other method, the pattern maybe easily fall off under external force.

Silk Screen

Exert force to let the silk go through of holes of the porous and permeate into the surface of the insoles product, and finally form the design pattern.
Advantage: porous costs little, because of the strong adhesion of the silk, the pattern will keep permanently.
Limitation:inconvenient for multiple colors, not fit in small amount, just applied on the flat surface, uncontrollable.

Cylinder Printing

Needs equal quantity of cylinders as colors, put the flat fabric or gluing layer into the cylinder machine for process.
Advantage: pretty appearance, durable.
Limitation: just suit for large amount, high development cost when more than 5 colors.

Laser Printing

Powdered ink was abstracted to the certain surface which is projected by laser.
Advantage:best performance and pretty appearance, improve the product image.
Limitation: high cost.