1. High performance tpu materials with very high physical properties and chemical stability, which can offer enough guarantee. 
  2. food grade completely non-toxic liquid glycerin from P&G company, people can feel very comfortable with proper fluidity and can offer shock absorption to protect their feet.
  3. comfortable sweat absorption superfine velvet to keep foot dry even when wearing them in summer, and keep foot cool.

Semi Length Arch Support Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis is designed and manufactured completely by Aybroad with our own Trademarkd of SolidSole. There are two sizes, one for men and the other for women. With carbon fiber flexible shell's support, they can provide foot proper arch support to protect foot fasciitis from hurt. 

Top cover is mde of fast dry and breathable fabric. 

Soft and comforable for wearing.

Our new devleopment -- Full Length Arch Support Shoe Inserts is one of the most powerful and excellent products, with great performance at:

shock absorption / breathability / sporting efficiency / body balance / arch support / energy return.

Made of four layers:

proper tpu shell / high performance eva / breathable orthotlite foam / healthy fabric

Our high tech ergonomics shoes inserts are combined with batteries / sensors / ortholite / high performance Eva / healthy fabric / connectors.  

With our shoe inserts you can read the datas through app on phone, and adjust the movements to improve your body, the ergonomic design is to help customers walking or running with the correct foot position and gesture. This is an cooperated project with one customer. Where there is patent approved. 

Foot Ankle Brace is a stitched project, effetively protect foot ankle from injury and relieve ankle pain and heel pain. With som special functions:

  • protect foot ankle and heel;
  • arch support for plantar fasciitis;
  • prevent injury from ankle and heel; 
  • cushion for heel and arch;

With customized label and 3d logo printing technology, customers can have them very specially with their trademark. 

It is an excellent project.

One new project is closed to be completed, recently we help our customer develop one new project — liquid insoles with magnetics to massaging foot acupuncture points. Foot can reflect many organs of human body, this project including many magnetics to help users release their motion and improve circulation. Fluid liquid could help massage foot when walking or running. People would feel no tiredness. 

With customer’s request and patent protection, this project can not be copied. 

We have been successfully helping our customers developing kinds of top covers for shoe inserts, made of kinds of materials, like eva, pu, pe. 

Liquid insoles Production Process

  1. Raw materials — purchasing tpu materials and fabric according to the customers’ order requests.
  2. Testing raw materials — testing the stiffness, tensile strength, tear strength, thickness, density.
  3. Lamination— adhering the tpu materials with fabric.
  4. Slitting — cutting the materials from roll into small sheets.
  5. High frequency — welding small sheets into semi production
  6. Injection — filling the liquid into the semi production and push out the air bubble
  7. Seal work — push air bubble and seal the semi product
  8. Testing semi product — high burst pressure test one each one foot
  9. Die cut — die cutting the semi products into complete products
  10. Package — package the products into poly bag / white box / carton, taping and labeling the cartons.
  11. Shipment —ship the goods through our forwarder.