Product Direction

At present, we are factory and manufacture, all our production are pre-production, not individual customized production, please kindly be noted this. We are not retailer.

Product Inquiry

We welcome each inquiry from all the customers and offer multiple ways and modes for option, once the inquiry arrive we would reply with formal document sheet.
For better service and save customer's time, please write down request details clearly, such as price inquiry, material restrict, minimum order quantity, size, color, printing pattern, etc.

Quote Validation

Usually our quotation keeps valid about 3 months to 6 months, which is the important way we believe to keep stable relationship with customer. But please note the two cases below:

  1. When quotation expired, customer may ask for new formal one to continue the business; we would run the cooperation with the previous quotation before new one offered.

  2. If some factors generate dramatic fluctuation on price, like currency, material, labor force, etc. we would like to negotiate with customer to re quote.

New Development

We offer customer positive policy on new product development and transfer all the resources for assistance. On condition that the development costs much we expect customer to share the charge; also we provides customer feasible solutions to absorb this part expense after mass production, save their money.
e.g. Molds charge, large quantity of samples

Prepare Sample

We welcome customer to require samples and prepare plan for option:
1. For new customer, we can offer few samples and charge them reasonably with freight collected.
2. For contract customer, we offer few samples by free and pay the freight charge.
Note: some items we have inventory, but some maybe not; we need to arrange the materials, equipment and employees to re produce, which always causes much waste.

Packaging Style

Since customers have different packaging requires to suit to their market, we are available to provide solutions to meet their demands:

  1. For customers whose main sales upon stores or exclusive shop, they may have restrict demands with the packaging; we suggest unique exquisite package pattern, which can promote production values and raise the image of the brand.Packages that customer offered or by our design are both available.

  2. Maybe there are some customer want to have their product to be assembled in shoes or other accessories, we consider to ship the goods to be packed with simple package, as the package may not be helpful for brands image. This solution would cut down the cost from the production.

  3. Other packing information are required also, like quantity per carton, vertical or horizontal layout, shipping mark and label, inside packing, etc.

Order Delivery

Usually, we need 15 - 20 days for production plan term, but if something urgent we will adjust the production line accordingly, such as short delivery.

After we get customer order, we will discuss with production manager the plan, and will feedback customer a reasonable delivery for customer confirmation. In order to carry out the plan, we need customer to provide proper supports, like deposit, sample confirmation, etc.

After-sales Service

Although Aybroad requires restricted inspection on all links including material purchase, production, and shipment and so on, but there might be defective product when arrival. We strongly suggest customer to inform us immediacy when they happen this situation, no matter what caused (maybe caused during the shipment or production).

Payment Terms

Aybroad offers conservative payment policy to new customer and requires restrict payment term, as business extension and trust increase, we will relax the payment term.
USD, GBP, CNY, HKD, EUR are acceptable currently.
T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, L/C, PayPal, Cash are available for payment.

  • T/T
  • WesternUnion
  • MoneyGram
  • PayPal
  • LC

Patent Protection

Aybroad promise to protect customer's patent and advocate them to apply patent protection, we never provide samples which marked with other customer's patent. One customer's molds are just for him.

Service Range

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