Comfortable Yellow Thick PU Working Insole boots insoles

Additional Info

  • Product Model: ASXJ-BPC077
  • Product Material: PU / Non-woven
  • Product Sizes: 38#-46#
  • Product Details:

    forefoot 5mm, hell 9mm,

    black BASF poliurethane material,

    printed with heat transfer process,

    thick and comfortable for wearing.

  • Product Feature:

    breathable and sweat absorbing, keep feet dry whole day long,

    high elastic, soft and comfortable, reduce foot pains,

    pressure distribution can help relieve foot uncomfort,

    fit for kiinds of shoes, workig shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes.

  • Product Package:

    packed with simple style, 70 - 80 pairs / carton for the shoes factory for the assemble.

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