high tech aerogel working insoles keep foot warm in winter

Additional Info

  • Product Model: aerogel insole
  • Product Material: eva / superfine velvet / aerogel
  • Product Sizes: full 7 sizes
  • Product Details:

    new technology aerogel material layer could keep foot warm in winter;

    high elastic eva material;

    superfine velvet fabric covers on the top;

  • Product Feature:

    new tech material aerogel material included in the insole, which can help foot keep warm in cold winter;

    easier and more convenient for end user;

    it does not like the battery-heat insole, you do not need to in charge of the power everyday;

    moisture absorption, keep foot dry and comfortable whole day time.

  • Product Package:

    simple packaging style, one pair per polybag, 100 pairs per carton.

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