Why People Love Memory Foam Insoles

Thursday, 04 June 2015 10:06 Written by

Slow recovery insoles, are also called as memory insoles. They are becoming more and more popular these years, but some descriptions from some company are exaggerated from their performance. Hereon we introduce some features and advantages of the memory foam insoles:

#1 memory foam insoles – memory foam is kind of hydroxyl groups, and the insoles made of it are the main products we can see on the market, beyond this it is also used to be made of pillow and mattress. It performs great as it possesses extreme breathability and shock absorption, it makes your feet breathe smoothly. But the support is not that good as polyurethane or eva. It is just for some high class insoles.

#2 memory cpu insoles – it’s kind of polyurethane products, we perfuse the liquid material into the molds and wait for its formation. As the raw material is liquid and it is a chemical reaction in the molds, the density can be same with every part of the insoles, this means brings your feet consistent feeling. By contrasting with the foam insoles, the breathability is not that good enough.

#3 memory latex insoles – breathable, comfortable, but very expensive. Only some top brand would like to have a try in their shoes. Theoretically, late is the most eco-friendly material, comparing with the other two material. 

These three kind of insoles are currently main memory insoles products. Memory foam insoles is going to be a trend in insoles manufacturing and end market. 

After years’ accumulation, we can produce kinds of memory insoles, good quality at reasonable prices.  More information, please contact us.