Black PU Comfortable Work Insole

Additional Info

  • Product Model: ASXJ-BPC075
  • Product Material: PU/mesh
  • Product Sizes: 38#-46#
  • Product Details:

    highly improved the breathability to keep foot and shoes clear.

    reduces tiredness caused by running working sporting, standing.

    keeps foot dry and comfortable whole day long.

    disperses stress on feet when with heavy load.

  • Product Feature:

    increase height for those who want to be taller.

    perfect shock absorbing performance, prorect feet from hurt.

    arch support prevents flat feet  / arch collapse.

    reduces foot pains, enhance foot care.

  • Product Package:

    we provide a range of packaging types for customer option: blister box, paper card box, insert card, display box, clams-hell box, poly-bag, PP box, etc. for the kind of height increase pu insole we usually suggest individual packaging and 30 - 60 pairs / carton. we accept customized packaging design for cartons marks, cartons paper, inner packaging,trade mark.

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