Breathable Comfortable EVA Sports Shoes Insoles

Additional Info

  • Product Model: ASXJ-EM094#
  • Product Material: EVA / Breathable Mesh
  • Product Sizes: 3# - 15#
  • Product Details:

    special desined for famous brand sports shoes insoles;

    scientifical design and superior materials;

    comfortable and flexible, durable, removable, and washable.

  • Product Feature:

    high breathable, special suitable for sports shoes insoels;

    very good moisture management, help foot keep dry whole day long;

    less odor or foot smell;

    comfortable for wearing feeling when people wear it running, walking;

    distribute foot presssure on foot, less tiredness;

    deep heel cup, can keep ankle foot and body balance when sporting.

  • Product Package:

    insoles will be used for shoes factory for second hand assembling, simple packaging style can help cut the package cost down to very low.

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