Food Grade Liquid Glycerin Full Length Massage Inssoles

Additional Info

  • Product Model: ASYW-LM1501
  • Product Material: TPU / Velour Fabric / Glycerin
  • Product Sizes: 36# - 44#
  • Product Details:

    food grade liquid glycerin, non-toxic;

    with restrict test, would never leak or exlose;

    customized patter can be printed on the topcover.

  • Product Feature:

    soft and comfortable, reduces foot tiredness, improve work efficiency and working term;

    massage accpunctures on the foot, stimulus blood circulaltion, tireless;

    removable, washable, safe and non-toxic;

    customer can print pattern on it, attractive to the market.

  • Product Package:

    cutomized pattern printing opp bag, one pair per bag, we can also offer pe box, or paper box according to customer requirement.

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