Genuine Leather Magnets Microwave Acupuncture Massage Insole

Additional Info

  • Product Model: ASXJ-LM0039
  • Product Material: Genuine Leather / Magnets /Polliou
  • Product Sizes: 37# - 46#
  • Product Details:

    designed for massaging acupunctures on foot, when people wear them, they can help massage foot and acupunctures, reduce tiredness and increase more spirit;

    breathable and comfortable;

    durable and removable;

  • Product Feature:

    stimulus blood circumation and less foot tiredness;

    beautiful and durable, easy for clean;

    anti bacterial, keep foot health.

  • Product Package:

    pretty individual poly bag, each pair per bag, 50 bags per carton, paper box / pe box / pvc box  are available for option.

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