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The exhibition will be open from Aug 16th till 20th, the sponsor can offer fax, telephone, printing, internet and rest room services. During this period, reporters can ask for related information after registration, and show authority. 

It is divided into two parts:

Home Electronic Products 

  • kichtchen electronic products
  • home electronic products
  • lamp
  • other electronic products

Normal home comsumption products

  • furniture for bar
  • furniture for resting room
  • gm and beauty products
  • tools for drinking
  • furniture for kitchen
  • other furnitures

Related fees:

Offer Exhibition Area Fees
Standard 4m width*3m deep 12SM(should be divided by 12) HKD40,180 /USD5,695 (PER booth)
Special for home products . 4m width*3m deep 12SM(should be divided by 12) HKD45,120 /USD6,395 (PER booth)
Very Special (only including carpet) 24SM(should be divided by 6) HKD3,285 /USD468 (PER SM)

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