Change shoes in public places, be careful of mold infection

Friday, 23 September 2022 02:05 Written by

More and more public places require people to change into slippers when entering the house, but wearing a pair of shoes with others may increase the risk of mold infection, so be careful. Pharmacist Chen Jincai pointed out that the weather in Taiwan is hot and humid, and if the hygiene habits are not good, it is easy to contract tinea pedis, which is the so-called Hong Kong athlete.

Pharmacist Chen said: "Tinne athlete's foot is a fungal infection. In the early stage of infection, there will be redness, odor, itching, small blisters and other symptoms between the toes. In the early stage, most of them will start from the fourth and fifth toes with smaller gaps and relatively sticky toes. , slowly spread out."

Why do you get tinea pedis infection? Pharmacist Chen Jincai said: "High temperature and humidity are the environments that mold likes to grow in, and this is exactly the type of weather in Taiwan in summer. At this time, if the toes are covered by shoes and socks for a long time, the shoes are not breathable or the bags are too tight. If you have bad hygiene habits, it is easy to get mold.” Pharmacist Chen Jincai reminded that the most important thing to prevent tinea pedis (Hong Kong athlete) is to keep your feet dry and fresh, dry your toes after bathing, and don’t wear shoes and socks that are too tight. It is best to change your shoes frequently.

In addition, if you live with a person with tinea pedis (Hong Kong athlete), avoid sharing towels, sheets and shoes, wash socks and other clothes used by the patient with 60 C゚ hot water every time, and go out to some places In public places, try to avoid wearing other people's shoes. Once you have to change them because of regulations, it is best to have socks to protect them, and wash them as soon as you get home.