You Can Control The Temperature of This Shoe Insole With Your Smartphone

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 18:00 Written by

Winter is fast approaching for many of us and that means the peril of cold feet. Okay—so it’s not the worst thing in the world, but who wants to have cold feet when they could be warmed up instead? That’s where Digitsole makes everything better.

Digitsole is the first interactive insole for your shoes, ensuring that your precious toes are never too cold or too hot. Working via Bluetooth and a smartphone app, you can control the temperature, as well as keep track of the distance you’ve walked and the calories burned along the way.

A slide temperature bar means you can change things around in accordance to the weather conditions you’re dealing with. Hiking and starting out pretty cold? Bump it up high. Worked up a sweat? Slide it back down. You can either adjust the two insoles separately, which is sure to be helpful if one foot always seems warmer than the other.

Further adding to the fitness benefits, you can track how many calories you’ve burned by entering your weight and height, ensuring that not only are you warm while out and about, but you know how you’re performing too.

It’s a small but useful little gadget that’s easily charged via a USB charging device, and it’s all currently available via a Kickstarter campaign. The Super Early Bird Specials have already gone, but there’s time yet to pay $149 for one pair of Digitsoles, as well as a t-shirt to accompany your purchase. For $179, you can guarantee Christmas delivery too.

The campaign has already reached its target goal, with the project running until November 1, so you’ve got a little time to realize just how important warm feet are to your wellbeing.