How much pressure when standing, walking, jogging, running, jumping

Tuesday, 23 August 2022 06:09 Written by

Pressure on foot are different when different status of the foot activities, we will tell you how much pressure on foot when standing /  walking / running / jumping.

Here we go with five conditions:
Just standing there — how much you weight, how much you would undertake, we can easily think about this.

Walking— when people walking fast, people would understand twice his or her weight,

Jumping but keep legs straight— this would be highly harmful to leg or feet, it’s about 11.5 of weight.

Running, Natural jumping(bending legs) — it’s about 4.2 times of people’s weight.

Jump from high point — it’s about 8.8 times of people’s weight.

Here we should care if the foot and leg undertake more than 6 times of the weight, it would be also harmful to people’s heart.

What we can learn from this,  when we choose shoes, we should choose suitable and good quality shoes, and if we could buy two pairs or more insoles, that would be better, but with shock absorption and pressure distribution functions.