Sponge EVA Block Materials for Diabetic Shoe Inserts Base

Tuesday, 23 August 2022 06:09 Written by

Aybroad Sports LTD(Aybroad International Enterprise LTD HK) to all customers:

We are offering kinds of sponge foam eva and hard eva materials or blocks, which can be made for diabetic shoe inserts base or orthotic shoes inserts base. Colors and stiffness and dimensions can be customized. 

For diabetic shoe inserts the stiffness should not be less than ASKER A 35D, please refer to http://aybroad.com/aybroad-blogs/487-hcpcs-codes-related-with-diabetic-shoe-and-inserts.html. Also the top flesh color eva foam can also be offered well.  

Materials for orthotic shoe inserts can absort the shock and spread the pressure evenly, to protect the foot from impact; with its durable functionality, the end users can walk them comfortably for long time.