Safety Shoes Insoles

Wednesday, 27 May 2015 09:29 Written by

This is an article to introduce the safety shoe insoles, with some special functionalities to be inserted into safety shoes. The common functions we usually see on the market: 


-- This is a common function in safety shoes insoles, and usually we stich the anti static line at the forefoot part, and on the edge of the insoles. There is another way, we can past the ESD tape at the bottom.


-- This is to enhance the puncture proof function of the shoes,  the most common way is to cover the top with puncture proof fabric. 


-- This depends on the adiabatic material used in the insoles. It can stop or reduce the speed of the heat to conduct to foot.


-- make the insoels with double density, add gel part at the forefoot part and heel part. As the gel is adhesive, it can help the insoles stay properly inside the insoles. Also we can use the adhesive double side tape, to adhere the insoles and shoes together.  

We will introduce more details in future.