Insoles Categorized on Market

Wednesday, 29 April 2015 04:07 Written by

So many kinds of insoles can be found on the market, we should choose the best insoles according to our feet and body, and its function.

We categorize the insoles by several standard,

#from material, there are bamboo carbon’s, cotton’s,  silicone, polyurethane, eva, foam, etc;

#from the shape, there are semi length and full length, of course with some pads.

#from the functionality, there are ones keep warm, anti odor, stimulus circulation.

Based on our view of insoles, we separate two kinds: with special function and without special function – normal ones we usually say.  The common ones usually used to insert into shoes just to keep shoes soft and foot warm, usually these kind of insole are breathable, comfort, anti slip.

The special insoles include orthotic insoles, diabetic insoles, sports support insoles, with many particular functions, like arch support, pain cure, less friction, anti under pronation and over pronation, keep diabetes foot safe, etc.

Firstly, we should have a knowledge of our foot, if do not, go to your doctor and ask for advice. Then choose the most suitable insole for yourself.